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The bankruptcy bill is not in the public interest, but it is very much in the credit industry's interest, and they have the ear of Congress. If we're loud enough, we can take it back.

You can use this form to send an email to Congress - upon filling out your personal information, your email will be sent to your representatives. They will be informed that you are against the bankruptcy bill. In addition, the People's Email Network will be sending updates to the House Judiciary Committee about the level of opposition to the bill.

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Most members of congress will not accept an email without a street address. Some require a phone number. This information is not transmitted in messages sent to any additional "friends" emails.

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This is an important section. Your members of Congress want to know what you think. All comments should be appropriately respectful and in acceptable taste. The way to have maximum impact is by sending voting invitations to as many of your fellow constituents as possible and encourage them to make their voices heard also.

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