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April 23, 2008

Democratic Rope-A-Dope

Posted by tunesmith at 08:11 PM

Once in a while it's fun to go on flights of fancy.

We're in a period of time right now, right after the Pennsylvania Primary, where Obama's victory looks assured, and Hillary's looking rather desperate given her only strategy is to concede the elected delegates, hope for a dubiously-counted popular vote lead, and expect that to convince the unclaimed superdelegates to move towards her en masse.

The press is loving it. Democrats in disarray! John McCain content to let them tear each other down!

And in the meantime, state after state has record Democratic turnout, with almost no Republican activity. New Democratic voters are being manufactured by the thousands.

It's enough to make you wonder.

Setting... deep in the bowels of the DNC, Hillary and Barack meet to go over their plan.

"Hi Hill."

"Hi Barry. Good job with the Jay-Z angle, I think the kids needed a boost."

"It was really a great idea of yours, thanks. And your debate performance kept up the fighting Dem image, nice job."

"Thanks. On to Indiana, hmm?"

"Looks like it. How are things on your end?"

"Good. Bill's keeping things interesting."

"He's proven really good at making news out of absolutely nothing."

"Mo' headline, mo' money. Right?"

"Well said."

"How's your end?"

"Great. I made some inroads on those demographics in Pennsylvania. Really good to have the practice against Republican tactics."

"I knew the dress rehearsal would do you good. How are things online?"

"Kos and Jerome are doing great shilling for both of us. Keeps the online world split. With Kos and Jerome being friends, I think it'll definitely help the healing when it's time."

"Good, good, that's good to hear. I'm so glad you're up on that stuff. I see a mouse, I stand on a chair!"

Both laugh deep and heartily. Then they say their goodbyes and until next times, and leave to prepare for another toughly fought primary that will undoubtedly register tens of thousands of more Democrats...

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