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January 12, 2006

DNA Testing Proves Guilt

Posted by tunesmith at 02:14 PM

In one of Governor Warner's final acts in office, he asked for some DNA to be re-tested using more sophisticated technology than was available when it was originally tested. The previous test led to the conviction and ultimate execution of a convicted rapist/killer. Due to the circumstances of the case, there were a lot of question's about the prisoner's alleged guilt.

The test results came back recently, and the convict's guilt was proven.

I think this is probably the best of all possible results at this stage. I think it was actually a pretty open-and-shut case against this guy, and that Warner knew that. Warner isn't saddled with being the instigator of a major outcry against the death penalty, but he is the guy that was behind an effort to "make doubly sure" in the name of justice. People who are invested in believing in the efficacy of the death penalty can feel some relief and confidence that the system works. People who are invested in further testing of DNA to further ascertain the guilt or innocence of prisoners on death row (or who have already been put to death) also now have a major precedent of this testing action being taken now. It will be harder to simply avoid doing this kind of double-checking DNA testing in the future.

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