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October 25, 2005

Niger: The Case For War

Posted by tunesmith at 01:12 PM

Josh is usually fairly opaque, but to spell out his recent entry:

  1. The Niger Documents showed up in Italy
  2. Italy knew they were fraudulent/forged.
  3. Italy attempted to contact the United States to tell them they were fake.
  4. Italy succeeded in having a meeting with Hadley in early September, 2002, and told him they were fake
  5. The White House (including Hadley) argues with the CIA about the validity of the Niger Documents in mid-September
  6. The White House includes the Niger allegations in Bush's SOTU speech in early October

That's it. The government knew they were fake, and decided to lie about them anyway, in the State Of The Union. Willfully lying to the nation to build the case for war.

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